\ELLOWOS Documentation


R - Moves Pointer Right

L - Moves Pointer Left

P - Adds 1 To The Cell Under Pointer

M - Subtracts 1 From The Cell Under Pointer

F - Starts Function, Ends When Starting Cell Is 0. Make Sure Function Terminates

E - Jumps To Function Start

H - Jumps Back The Cell Under Pointer Times (If Pointer Is At Cell 5 And Jumps Back 3 The Cell Is 2)

J - Jumps To The Cell Number Under The Pointer (If Cell Is 3 Jumps To Cell Three)

I - Takes Input From User As ASCII

O - Prints Character To Screen (Uses Cell Value As ASCII)

U - Prints Integer (Uses Cell Value)

K - Jumps Forward Current Cell Value Times (If Pointer Is At Cell 5 And Jumps Forward 3 The Cell Is 8)

T - Takes User Input As Integer (Numbers Only)

Y - Adds User Input To Current Cell

Z - Sets Current Cell To Zero

X - Sets Pointer To Zero

C - Copies Cell Behind Pointer To Current Cell

V - Copies Cell In Front Of Pointer To Current Cell